Is CVS Pharmacy your one stop solution for all your medicines and other related products? Then you have landed on the correct side. If you find their products to be reliable, then you must share your honest feedback with the company. In this article we will guide you properly about how to take the CVSSurvey and get exciting rewards by answering some simple questions. But, before we start let’s have a look at their journey.

CVS Pharmacy Survey 2020 win voucher

About CVS Pharmacy

The company came into business in 1963 with the hands of Stanley Goldstein, Sidney Goldstein Hebreux Jules, and Ralph Hoagland.They founded it in Massachusetts, United States. Now they are well-known as one of the top-most drug store chains in America, headquartered in Lowell, Massachusetts.

The time they started, the company had only 17 retail locations which grew up to 40 within the next five years. Its parent company is Melville Corporation which ranks as the 7th largest U.S. Corporation by FY2017 revenues in the Fortune 500.


They are mainly medicines providers but their service also includes several beauty products, cosmetics, greeting cards, seasonal merchandise, film and photo finishing services as well as food products. They have recently added Minute Clinics to their service where customers can treat their basic illness and minor injuries. Presently, they run more than 1000 of these clinics nationwide. A large amount of Americans rely on them for their daily medical needs.

CVSSurvey Rewards

  1. If you turn out to be the lucky winner, wait for the confirmation from the company. You will be eligible to get some top rewards along with various monthly offers.
  2.  One member of a household can apply and participate in the $1000 reward.

If you are also one of them, then you are welcome to participate in the CVS Health Survey. Just save your purchase receipt and answer some simple questions by visiting their official survey site. This small contribution will help CVS to serve your better on your next visit. Don’t shy away from sharing your honest feedback. Read the full article if you are interested.

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